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Seven Speakers at Nr4

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 02.59.04Seven Speakers is a listening environment for recorded music. It is a simple multichannel installation with seven speakers in a heptagonal arrangement, augmented by an array of plants. The project was initiated by Narrow Bridges, with other artists contributing pieces conceived specially for the format. Nr4 is a new store and showroom featuring clothes and accessories by young designers from Europe and the US, most of whom have a background in industrial design and art, which is reflected in their unique use of crafts, materials and concept. During CTM.11 the shop will be transformed into a sonic greenhouse.

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Happy New Year!

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Kinga Kielczynska´s ” The New Abstract Art Encyclopedia “

Kinga´s amazing show on 24th of July

kinga kielczynska5SNC12987



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An Evening of Movies by Alexandra Leykauf

join us this Saturday, 7th of August to watch a selection of Alexandras movies,

here are some images of her drawings and installations, we love her mind and the

logic she creates. For more information on AlexandraAlexandra Leykauf 4s work you can visit

Alexandra-Leykauf-500x330530297afbeelding 1a_Alexandra Leykauf archive_3131_martinvanzomeren-1or

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Mirror Shirts and miscellaneous

gurdi2hall od mirrorsshirt mustermirror baghollo AUGE

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We love Katharina

so much, that we decided to keep most of her Installation in the shop and redecorate the space to fit her work. Here are some impressions and i will post images of the new interior soon.rundspiegelspiegellayereckeholzplattespiegelaeste etcleisten spiegel

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Katharina Trudzinki´s installation “der Berg und der Baum” at NR4

inst.ansicht1inst ansicht2katakathabild2kathabilddetaildetail2

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Live Soundtack Nr2

This Saturday, 26 of June join us on the Balcony for another
Live Soundtrack performance by Mocky and guests
accompanying the movies of Jean Painleve.
Bar opens at 19.00
Screening at 21.00


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Here is a little preview of Jean Painleve´s work

Categories: Allgemein, Events at Nr4.